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Be amongst the first to discover Vienna with Video Tours!

Touvio is a travel application planning on revolutionizing the way tourists explore cities. In the application you can experience Vienna with digital video tours by professional tourguides. With Touvio, there is no more need to meet up with the tourguide or prepare for your journey.

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Our App

  • Explore cities through video tours.

  • Get guided by official tourguides.

  • For free during the beta!

  • A navigation system will make sure you never get lost.

  • You can alway switch to audio guide, if you want to focus on the beautiful sights <3


What it looks like:


About us


Touvio is a young Start-Up from Austria. We came together as friends, but what drives us is our passion for travel. Our passion combined with expertise from various areas and the desire to change the way people travel is what makes our team awesome. At least this is what we think <3

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